Catering Glossary

The Dussmann Service catering glossary contains more than 250 terms from the world of professional catering. These include entries such as allergen labeling, delivery service, combi-steamer, seniors’ catering and natural sugar substitutes. Descriptions contain links to other products and services involved in the preparation of foods and beverages.

The catering lexicon was written by specialists with many years of experience in professional catering services. Website editors at Dussmann Services are continually updating, checking and amending the lexicon.


:: auditing

Auditing is a flexible concept of systematic control and evaluation of system parts or processes with the help of check lists.  :: more

wellness menu

Wellness menus not only taste good but also contribute to wellbeing . They are prepared with fresh, regional, seasonal organic products and attention is given to maintenance of nutrient value during transport, storage and preparation.  more